General Purpose Pot 2000ml

APEX PULP’s disposable General Purpose Pot 2L is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Designed for single use so as to reduce the risk of infection.

SKU: 100APPGPP2000

Description                                         General Purpose Pot 2000ml Disposable Medical Pulp
Item Code                                           100APPGPP2000

Rated Capacity                                   2000 ml
Weight                                                50g +/- 4g
Dimension                                          290 x 170 x 140 mm
Graduated Marking                            Minimum 50ml ; Maximum 2000ml ; Interval 100ml
Material                                              Biodegradable Kraft
Colour                                                 Golden Brown
Base                                                    Flat, Stable
Finishing                                             Matt

Compliance                                         PAS29:1999 “Disposable Pulp product For Use in Healthcare”
Fluid Temperature                               Initial 35°C
Fluid Retention                                   >4 hours

Packing                                               100 pieces per carton
Carton Weight                                    5.5 kg
Carton Size                                         L755 x W370 x H310mm

Disposal                                              Macerator or appropriate waste bin
Storage Condition                              Store in cool, dry environment away from open flames and other ignition source.
                                                           No direct sunlight.

Technical Data Specifications

The General Purpose Pot with 2L rated capacity is made from eco-friendly biodegradable kraft material, intended for use as container to drain urine and/or to determine the amount of urine or fluid as it is marked with graduation levels ranging from 50ml to 2000ml.

Manufactured as single-use disposable medical pulp to meet the requirement to hold water and/or human waste for a minimum period of four hours at an initial temperature of 35°C. Suitable for disposal into macerator which complies with PAS29:1999 “Disposable Pulp For Use in Healthcare”.











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