Who Are We?

Our manufacturing plant is sited on a one acre land with 3-storey high factory manufacturing moulded pulps. Conveniently located along the Straits of Johor, an international straits in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, is a stone throw distance away from Johor Port at Pasir Gudang.

Using innovative techniques and advance production processes, our moulded pulps are stackable, lightweight, rigid and waterproof, sustaining eco-friendly environment with biodegradable and compostable recycled raw materials.

We produce moulded medical utensils for hospitals and nursing homes, moulded food grade trays for food and beverages industries, moulded protective packaging materials for electronics sectors. If you are looking for moulded pulps in your businesses, we have the solution for you.

Leading Manufacture of Medical Pulps

APEX PULP is the leading manufacturer of moulded pulps, moving closer towards sustainability. We manufacture medical pulps for healthcare institutions and nursing homes. It can also be customised for agricultural, industrial packaging or according to your requirements. Our production processes are eco-friendly, transforming raw materials such as old newspapers and corrugated cases into moulded bottles, containers and trays at the most affordable cost.


APEX moulded pulps are made from biodegradable and compostable recycled materials, promoting eco-friendly environment, eliminating waste. Raw materials for moulded pulps are normally old newspapers, scrapped papers, carton boxes and organic bagasse. With suitable processes, moulded pulps can be manufactured as medical containers, food trays, protective packaging, seedling pots, cup holders, decorative items and much more.

Disposal of Medical Pulps

Disposal of Moulded Pulps

To prevent cross contamination and for hygiene purposes, APEX moulded pulps are intended for single-use only. Unlike reusable plastic bedpan or urinals, soiled moulded pulps have to be disposed of appropriately. It can either be disposed into any macerators available in the market including but not limited to DDC Dolphin, Haigh and Vernacare machines or waste bins in accordance with local authorities’ guidelines. Unused moulded pulps may be disposed of in normal waste bins.

Packing & Delivery

Most of our moulded pulps are nested into HDPE plastic bags and packed nicely into durable carton boxes. Urinals are arranged and packed neatly into larger carton boxes with dispensing window for easy retrieval. Each of the carton boxes are allocated and printed with lot numbers to identify production batch for easy tracing and accounting.

Storage Conditions

APEX moulded pulps are sealed in durable cartons boxes. Upon arrival at your location, it is recommended to store it in a dry and clean environment, do not expose to direct sunlight. If the storage is within hospitals, nursing care homes or institutions, keep it in the clean utility room. If the storage is in a logistic warehouse, it is recommended to stack palletised cartons up to a maximum of two levels. Use heavy duty racks for stacking more than 2 palletised cartons.

07. Keep Dry

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