Seedling Tray 10-Cavity

APEX PULP’s biodegradable Seedling Tray 10-Cavity is ideal for germinating agricultural seeds. It maximises crop yield when transferring to individual pots during vegetative phase and is environmentally friendly. The seeding young roots penetrate through the moulded pulp trays after few months, indicating they are ready to be transferred to larger moulded pulp pots individually.

SKU: 110APPSDT0010

Description                                        Seedling Tray 10 Cavities Disposable Agricultural Pulp
Item Code                                          110APPSDT0010

Rated Capacity                                  Not Applicable
Weight                                                62g +/- 4g
Dimension                                         265 x 105 x 115 mm
Cavity Dimension                              44 x 44 x 115 mm
Material                                              Biodegradable Kraft
Colour                                                 Golden Brown
Base                                                    Drainage Hole
Finishing                                             Matt
Roots Penetration                            3 to 4 Months

Packing                                              1,200 pieces per carton
Carton Weight                                  31.2 kg
Carton Size                                        L320 x W270 x H730

Disposal                                            Appropriate waste bin
Storage Condition                           Store in cool, dry environment away from open flames and other ignition source.
                                                           No direct sunlight.

Technical Data Specifications

The Seedling Tray with 10 Cavities is made from eco-friendly biodegradable kraft material, intended for use as tray for germinating seeds up to vegetative stage. It is designed to help young roots absorb nutrients from the soil until the roots are strong enough to penetrate through the moulded pulps.

To transfer young and growing seedings to larger pot, simply cut out each individual tray and transfer it to larger pot, resulting in almost 100% transfer yield.










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